Few people (if any) in this busy modern world would have the time – to say nothing of the patience – of the old masters, so after many moons of comprehensive research, helped by enlightened technology, the age-old formula has been updated, and will now give the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time.

Wood Polish Uses

Kitchen Cupboards: Removes grease and grime. Has organic oils which bring them back to life.

White heat marks: These can usually be removed with Heritage Woodcare. However, severe burns that have damaged the varnish or finish will not respond.

Scratches and cuts: Heritage Woodcare will clean out light scratches, and they will be less noticeable. However, it will not work on deeper cuts.

Leather: Heritage Woodcare is not recommended for use on leather, but can be used on vinyl.

Teak and all hardwoods: Highly recommended. Will clean, polish and feed the wood.

Pine furniture: Highly recommended for all pine that has been sealed, varnished or waxed or lacquered. Not suitable for pine that is bare and unfinished. Nearly all pine that has been professionally finished will be sealed in some way. If in doubt try the polish on an unseen section. Ideal for antique pine.

Bare wood and unfinished furniture: Do not use Heritage Wood Care on any softwood that is bare or unfinished.
Televisions, videos, Hi-fis: Excellent for all hard plastics (hard vinyls). Removes and repels dust. Use on ceramic tiles and enamel paint (e.g. fridges, washing machines).

Cars, boats and caravans: Ideal for polishing the bodywork without any abrasives. Always wash off dirt and grit before polishing. Very effective on all interior and exterior vinyl, seats, fascia and door trims, dashboard etc. Also ideal for hard vinyl such as Formica, Melamine or Contiboard surfaces. Excellent for garden furniture.

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