In my last post I told you more about Heritage Woodcare – where it is made, the background and how to use it, etc. I said I will tell you more about using it in future posts.

So where do you use it?  Well, it is fabulous on wood floors – natural woods and laminates. I have personal experience of using it on wood floors In my home the hall and lounge have oak parquet floors, These were covered in carpets when we moved in. I took up the carpet intending to replace it only to reveal the wonderful parquet. It took a lot of cleaning and some restoration (that is how I discovered it was oak!) but now all I do is mop the floor using Heritage Woodcare about once every six weeks and sweeping in between.I said Heritage Woodcare was easy to use!

Use your Heritage on your wood furniture. As I say, it is easy to use and will clean and polish your furniture at the same time and, unlike wax polishes, it will not leave any buildup no matter how often you use it. Indeed, Heritage Woodcare removes the buildup of silicones, waxes, grease and grime 

In my next post, I will tell more about where to use it

You can buy Heritage Woodcare online, visit or .You can also boy Heritage Leathercare online, visit