As I am both silver haired and a slow typist I have spent what seems for ever (although it was probably only a couple of hours or so) sorting out refunds for customers who ordered quantities of Heritage Woodcare in excess of 500mls for delivery outside the UK despite notices on the web site pages warning them that I can no longer post out these larger amounts due to an international postal agreement to stop larger amounts of liquids being posted. Another result for the terrorists I imagine. What these customers don’t realise is that these refunds cost me as there are fees involved not to mention my time. Heigh Ho, such is life I suppose!

Now that I have got that off my chest, what to post about tonight? If you, my readers, were to pose some questions for me to answer it would be so much easier. Looking back at what I have posted over the past few weeks and,  in addition to telling you about Heritage Woodcare  (what it is, where it is made, how to use it, etc) and also some things about my business I have also told you, in detail, how to use it on wood floors and wood furniture, how to use it to “spring” clean your kitchen and also how to use it to remove marks on your wood furniture. So, continuing this theme and having talked about kitchens in my last post, I will tell you a bit more about kitchens.

Did you know that, whist you have your prepared cloth in your hands and, having wiped over all the wood in your kitchen, you can then carry on and wipe over the white goods you have. That’s right, you can carry on and give your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, etc. a good clean whilst doing everything else so that your whole kitchen is gleaming. 

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