More about Heritage Woodcare for 2016

Following on  from my previous post when I told you about the basics of Heritage Woodcare I thought I would, in this post, tell you a little more about it ..Heritage Woodcare is supplied in three sizes – 500 ml, 1litre and 2 litres Incidentally, whilst mentioning sizes it is perhaps worthwhie pointing out  that whilst I can send out all sizes within the UK, international postal restrictions prevent me sending more than 500mls outside the UK

Now, you have read the blurb but why should you buy it and what does it do?  Heritage Woodcare takes off all the build-up of sillicones, waxes, grease and grime, taking your wood back to it’s original finish. It will also take off most ring marks, heat marks and water marks although they may require more than one application. Whist it is /primarily meant for wood (furniture, flooring, panelling etc.) you will also find your Heritage has many other uses such as in your kitchen, polishing your car, etc. However I will tell you more about them as well as it’s traditional uses in future posts.

Right, you have ordered your Heritage Woodcare and received it Incidentally you may have received a bottle branded ”Celtic’ Don’t worry. this is exactly the same product as ‘Heritage’ but is supplied to countries where the ‘Heritage’ brand can’t be used and if the manufacturer has been using the ‘Celtic’ when I order then that is what I receive! .How do you use it?

Using Heritage Woodcare is very easy. First take your bottle and give it a really good shake. If you look closely at your bottle you will see that it contains two liquids – a clear one and a white one. and you need to mix these liquids together which is why you need to shake it well. Having shaken your Heritage, pour some into a container. Then take a clean absorbant cloth (I use dusters but you can use any cloth as long as it will absorb the polish – many people use old tee shirts or underwear) Soak it in the polish and then ring it out till it is damp dry. What remains in the container can then be carefully poured back into your bottle and don’t forget to screw the cap down securely. There is nothing worse than shaking your bottle only to find the cap is loose as I have found to my cost more than once! Don’t worry if the polish has taken on some of the colour of your cloth, it won’t affect how it works.

You are now ready. All you need do now is wipe, following the direction of the grain. Don’t panic if the surface of your furniture goes streaky, this is merely the polish doing it’s job and indicating that more than one application is needed. in addition to the buildup of silicones , waxes, grease and grime Heritage Woodcare will also take off most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks but, again, more than one application may be needed. And that, as they say, is that. You don’t need to buff up and Heritage Woodcare does not vause any buildup so you can use it as often as you want
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