One thing that crops up regularly in my inbox is requests for help dealing with black marks caused by bitumen seeping up between the tiles on parquet floors. 

Now this is a problem I had myself when my wife and I took up the carpet in our hall. When the carpet  was I lifted  it revealed a  wonderful parquet floor made from oak. I was very pleased with this. No way could I afford to put a floor like this down at today’s prices. As the carpet had been down for a number of years, the parquet was very dirty and there was a lot of  black marks from the bitumen used to stick the “tiles” down. I  did eventually pursued my  wife not to bother with another carpet but it was on the condition that I polished the floor.

I  had to sweep the floor several  times before I was able fo remove all t the dust,  which had accumulated over the years.I  then needed  to clean and polish the floor..  To do this I used Scotchbrite (a non-scratch scourer) soaked in Heritage Woodcare and scrubbed the floor. I was very pleased with the result as the  floor came up beautifully with the added bonus that all the black marks between the tiles were removed. All that is required now is regular polishing using a mop soaked in Heritage Woodcare

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