Using Heritage Woodcare to clean up after a fire

A friend of mine recently had a fire in her kitchen. Apparently it started as an electrical fire in her boiler  but spread to other parts of kitchen with thick black greasy smoke spreading around the rest of her home.Obviously she was very upset and had to move out and stay with her daughter whilst her home was cleaned up and the kitchen repaired.

The smoke was the real problem as it left a greasy black layer everywhere. Bedding and other fabric products were easily sorted by washing. Carpets and upholstery were sorted with the aid of professional help. Wood furniture and the staircase (bannister rails, etc) were cleaned up using Heritage Woodcare.

My friend used the Heritage as directed except all her cloths became disposable owing to the amount of greasy soot they collected and everywhere required several applications before all the soot was removed. She was, however, very pleased with the condition of her home when it was completely renovated and cleaned up.

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