Contract clean of wood pannelled walls, etc.

heritage woodcare bottleSome time ago I was at a show when I was approached to check if I did contract cleaning. At the time I didn’t but always looking for ways to boost the income, I agreed to have a look at what was required and to quote for it. It was a solicitors office with oak panelled walls in addition to furniture, bannister rail, etc. The person who approached me told me not to undersell my product and services so I did a tender appropriately.

My quote was accepted so one evening, two colleagues and myself, armed with Heritage Woodcare,jugs, cloths and Scotchbrite (a non-scratch scouring pad) set to work. We cleaned the walls, the furniture and the bannister rail. Apart from the desks, none of the wood had been cleaned for 20 years. You can imagine the state of the bannister rails in particular with numerous people going up and down every day, you could almost scrape them, there was so much build-up and they required the use of the Scotchbrite soaked in Heritage.

After some hours of work we finished. I then did a follow up visit a couple of weeks later to bring the job up to my clients satisfaction.

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