How to Use

heritage woodcareTo use:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Pour some Heritage Woodcare into a container.
  3. Soak any soft, clean cloth or duster in the polish, Squeeze and wring  the cloth out.. (You can return the un-used polish to the bottle)
  4. Now use just one cloth to clean and polish!

Heritage Woodcare is oil based –  there is no need for waxing! It polishes and protects at the same time.

If the duster is not wrung enough, the furniture may be left slightly wet, in which case it should be buffed with a dry duster.

Cleaning or stripping your wood before the first use is not required. On furniture where the grain is clogged with wax and silicones, the polish may go streaky, as the buildup is removed In this case, further applications of Heritage Woodcare may be needed before the final finish is achieved.

Any clean soft duster or cloth will be suitable provided it is really well wrung out, after it has been impregnated with the Heritage Woodcare. When the cloth becomes dirty it can be washed in soap or detergent. With some dusters, especially yellow, the colour will run and colour the polish. This is not important; you can continue to use the duster as normal.

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