It is a new year so I ought to make a new start. I thought then that  I ought to start from the beginning. So what is Heritage Woodcare and why is it so special? 
It is made in Dublin by Drigate Products (Mfg)Ltd, which is a  family owned company who  have a commitment to manufacturing and supplying the very best in traditional cleaning and nurturing products. You will find that these really do look after your wood and leather goods, 
Heritage Woodcare (and its’ sister product  Heritage Leathercare} are based on Victorian craftsmans recipes and contain old fashioned tried and tested ingredients.They have, however, been updated, using modern technology, to enable them to cope with 21st century developments. Heritage Woodcare is just one example of their approach to bringing the very best products to your attention.
Heritage Woodcare is, then, a twentyfirst century product based as I have said on a tried and tested recipe that is decades old and was known only by the grand masters of the furniture crafts. These men would spend hours cleaning and polishing  wood products, The results of these grandmasters attention to detail can still be seen today when looking at many priceless antiques. Few people today have the time, or the patience, of these grandmasters, so after much research, and backed up by modern technology, this centuries old recipe has been updated to produce Heritage Woodcare. which gives the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time. 
Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use and can be used on many different products in addition to wood.To use your Heritage first take your bottle and give it a really good shake.  Having shaken it pour some into a container. Then take a clean absorbant cloth (I use dusters but you can use any cloth as long as it will absorb the polish ) Soak it in the polish and then ring it out till it is damp dry. What remains in the container can then be carefully poured back into your bottle not forgetting to screw the cap down securely. 
You are now ready. All you need do now is wipe, following the direction of the grain. Don’t panic if the surface of your furniture goes streaky, this is merely the polish doing it’s job and indicating that more than one application is needed. in addition to the buildup of silicones , waxes, grease and grime Heritage Woodcare will also take off most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks but, again, more than one application may be needed.You don’t need to buff up and Heritage Woodcare does not vause any buildup so you can use it as often as you want
 You can obtain Heritage Woodcare online, visit and click on ‘Buy Woodcare’ You can also buy Heritage Leathercare online. For more infornation and to visit the online shop go to

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