Isn’t the weather glorious. Yes, I know we need rain but it is so much brighter when the sun shines, makes us feel so much more cheerful. Yesterday, when my daughter and her boyfriend were visiting us, we had a ‘take away’ from our local pub and ate outside on the patio. Made me realise I ought to blog about getting outdoor wooden furniture ready for use.

No doubt, like me, you stored your garden furniture and, with the adv4ent of the sunshine, want to start using it. I hope you got your furniture ready for storeage, i,e, cleaned it with your Heritage Woodcare, prior to storeage. Now all you need to do is to go over it again using your Heritage Woodcare (visit for a reminder on how to useĀ it) and you are ready This cleans and polishes your furniture and will leave it looking good.

Do enjoy your bbq’s, etc. I know I am looking forward to making the most of the sunshine myself.