Recently there has been a number of changes that have had an impact on my business. Possibly  the changes that have  caused me the most difficulty have been imposed by Royal Mail. The first change to mention is charges and due to the increase in postage I have made two responses to avoid passing these increases on. I now use second class post for 500ml Woodcare and 250/500 ml Leathercare. For all other sizes I now use a courier – Hermes. This means deliveries can now take up to 3-5 working days after posting.

The second change is that I can no longer post more than 500 mls Woodcare outside the UK For that matter Royal Mail will now  only accept up to 500 mls. to post within the UK but I had already accommodated that change by using Hermes

All parcels sent by post and Hermes are double wrapped in bubble wrap and then double bagged. Hermes deliveries are also double boxed which gives extra security during transit 

So what else do I do to keep down costs?   I have told you that all my parcels are double wrapped in bubble wrap and then double bagged. This is partly as protection but also to comply with postal terms and conditions.  What I didn’t say is that all my bubble wrap and most of my bags come from local supermarkets. This helps them as they do not have to pay to have this waste taken away and helps me as it is comes free. Also all the cardboard I use also comes from the same source and has the same advantages. So, apart from my time, my materials come free which means I keep my costs and my prices  as low as I can

So remember that when you  place your order  (for Heritage Woodcare from and  for Heritage   Leathercare from ) I have kept my prices as low as I can.