In my last post I went back to basics telling you about Heritage Woodcare -what it is, what makes it so special and how to use it. In this post I will start on telling you where to use it. However one thing I ought to mention before that, have you received Celtic Woodcare as your order? If so, there is no need to worry. Celtic Woodcare and Heritage Woodcare are both the same, It is just that, in some parts of the world Drigate Products (the manufacturer) cannot use the brand name Heritage so, in those countries, the brand Celtic is used. When I then place my order with the manufacturer, if they have been using the Cetic brand and they have boxes left with that brand then that is what I receive and, therefore, is what I supply

Now, having got that out of the way (and hopefully answered queries on that subject)  I will carry on with what I was saying. I thought I would make a start by  looking at marks like water marks, ring marks and heat marks. Some people regard those marks as the history of the piece of furniture and don’t worry. Other people feel those type of marks disfigure furniture and want to remove them. In this case as long as there is there is no damage to the furniture, removing those marks shouldn’t create too much of a problem as your Heritage should take most of them off. These marks are usually in the buildup and as Heritage Woodcare removes this buildup it will therefore take off most of these marks. However it is not instaneous and may need several applications

Use your Heritage in the usual way, (give your bottle a shake, pour some into a container, take any soft and clean cloth, soak it in the polish, squeeze and wring it out till it is damp dry, pour any remaining polish back into your bottle (not forgetting to put the top back on properly)  and just wipe, following the direction of the grain) and you should setart to see a difference as the buildup is removed. The surface of the furniture may start to go streaky but this is quite normal and indicates that there is a heavy buildup to be removed and your furniture needs more than one application. Carry on using your heritage until all the marks and streaks have been removed.

Using your Heritage regularly is recommended as, unlike wax polishes, it does not cause any buildup.

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