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Can I do anything about white heat marks, ring marks and water marks on my wood furniture

You now know about Heritage Woodcare – who makes it,what it is, how to use it and what makes it so special. In a nutshell  it cleans and polishes at the same time and will also remove most white heat, ring and water marks.

I will  to use this post to look at these marks.Some people might regard them as the history of the furniture and aren’t really concerned whilst other people feel those type of marks disfigure their furniture and want them gone. Now if this is case as long as there is there is no damage to the finish (e.g. a water mark that has damaged the finish allowing the water to get into the grain, burn marks, etc. )  then removing these marks shouldn’t be too difficult. If there is damage then that will have to be repaired first before removing the marks..Your Heritage Woodcare, whilst it will remove most of these marks as they are usually contained within the buildup and it removes this buildup, will not repair damage. It will take off most of these marks but is not instantaneous and will probably need several applications

Use your Heritage in the usual way, ( i.e. give your bottle a thorough shake, pour some into a container, take any soft, dry and clean cloth and soak it in the polish, squeeze and wring the cloth out till it is damp dry, pour any remaining polish back into your bottle (not forgetting to put the top back on properly)  and just wipe following the direction of the grain).You should start to see an immediate difference as the buildup is removed however if there is a heavy buildup, the surface of the furniture may start to go streaky. This is quite normal and just indicates that  your furniture needs more than one application. Carry on using your heritage until all the marks and streaks have been removed.

Using your Heritage regularly is recommended as, unlike wax polishes, it does not cause any buildup.

You can buy Heritage woodcare online, visit Don’t forget you can also order by post. Send your requirement with the delivery address and payment to DCK Services, The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT You can now  also order by phone, ring on 07967 139636 during office hours please.

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Heritage Woodcare on wood floors

Now that I have told you about Heritage Woodcare I need to tell you where to use it. For instance, did you know that you can use it on your wood floors?

 It is absolutely fabulous on wood floors – both natural woods and laminates. I do have personal experience of using it on wood floors as in my home the hall and lounge do have oak parquet floors,(I know they are oak because an area needed making good after I took a wall down so I took a tile to a wood merchant  and was told it was oak) These floors were covered in carpet when we moved in. I took the carpet up  intending to replace it only to reveal this wonderful parquet floor. It took a great deal of cleaning and to complete the job I used green scotchbrite scouring pads soaked in Heritage Woodcare to scrub the floor. In the process of scrubbing the floor I noticed that the black marks caused by bitumen oozing up between the tiles were also removed.
After scrubbing, the floor required some restoration as some of the tiles were missing (that is how I discovered it was oak!) but now all I do is mop the floor using Heritage Woodcare about once every six weeks and sweeping in between .I have said Heritage Woodcare is easy to use!
 Heritage Woodcare works a treat  on your wood furniture. As you now know it is very easy to use but what I haven’t yet told you is it  will clean and polish your furniture at the same time and, unlike wax polishes, it will not leave any buildup no matter how often you use it. Indeed, Heritage Woodcare removes the buildup caused by silicones, waxes, grease and grime. I will tell you about this in my next post.
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