Last week I was in Burnham On Sea and whilst there I travelled around during the day. I passed this second hand shop (is it now called pre-loved and am I showing my age? ) In this shop was this chest of drawers that I would love to have taken home with me but it just wasn’t possible in my car. The shape was really attractive but even better was the price. It was really cheap. It was also very dirty and I talked to the dealer who said he just didn’t have the time to clean it up so priced it cheap just to get it sold.

This reminded me of a post  I did a while back. I had received an email about a similar cheap oak chest of drawers that had been bought on that occasion from an antique shop. The email  said the reason they were so cheap was because it had come in a house clearance from someone who had been a heavy smoker so those drawers were not only  very dirty but also covered in nicotine. My correspondent had wanted to know if Heritage Woodcare would remove all the buildup of nicotine and grime.

As Heritage Woodcare works by removing all the buildup of silicons, wax, grease and grime and in the process also removing most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks I felt it should therefore, successfully remove all the buildup from the drawers including the nicotine and at the same time ought also make them smell a little sweeter.

Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use . You just use it in the usual way i.e. give your bottle a really good shake, pour some into a container, take any soft and clean cloth, soak it in the polish and squeeze and wring the cloth out till it is damp dry. Pour the remaining polish back into your bottle.You are now ready and all you do now is wipe, possibly more than once, following the direction of the grain . As previously stated, Heritage Woodcare removes all the build up of silicons, waxes , grease and grime and as the nicotine is in the buildup, that will be removed at the same time.

You can buy Heritage Woodcare very easily. It is available online, by post or by phone. Online visit By post send your order and a cheque to DCK Services, The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT. By phone ring 07967 139636 during office hours.

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