As I haven’t been through it for some time, I thought it might be a good idea to update the contact information. You can contact  me via ‘snail mail’, telephone, or email.

My address is        DCK Services,

                             The Technocentre,

                             Puma Way,


                             CV1 2TT     (The Technocentre is part of Coventry University and receives my    mail only. No personal calls please.)

Telephone             07967 139636   (office hours only please)


Now then, just what is so good about Heritage Woodcare?  

  • Heritage Woodcare cleans and polishes in one
  • Easy to use wood polish and very versatile.
  • Removes ring marks, heat marks and water marks
  • Ideal for use on wood furniture and wood floors
  • Can also be used on white kitchen goods and car bodies

It is very easy to buy your Heritage Woodcare. To make your purchase online visit  You can al;so buy by post, just send your order with your delivery address and payment to the above address. Web orders are usually processed and posted within 2 working days with delivery taking up to an additional 3 working days. Mail orders can take a little longer due to the process in me being notified I have mail.

Remember you can also obtain our sister product, Heritage Leathercare, just as easily. To again buy online visit or to buy by post follow the same procedure as for our Woodcare product.