I have just been reading a fascinating article about restoring wood furniture – check out http://www.southgatechamber.com/renovating-wooden-furniture.html but then come back and finish reading this post. The author gives you such a lot of really good advice. Like him though i would emphasise, do not attempt on antique or really good quality furniture. Doing so will totally destroy any value attached to that piece of furnture. 

There is, however, another way of restoring furniture without having to put in so much time and effort. The article reminded me of the comments made to me by a customer some years ago. She had bought some wood chairs that were in need of renovation. She was showing them to a neighbour and telling her about the plans for restoration – sanding and staining much as described in the article. The neighbour replied to the effect that using Heritage Woodcare would achieve the same results but with much less effort. The neighbour then went to get her own bottle of Heritage and demonstated the great results you can get using Heritage Woodcare. The result to me was to have another customer.

This isn’t to say, however, that Heritage Woodcare is always the answer. There are situations such as fire damage, paint spills,etc. where Heritage Woodcare or similar products will be totally ineffective and you will find better answers in the article but, before starting out on any restoration projects, do consider whether there are alternatives to hard work.