In my inbox this week was a request for help on removing ring marks on an oak dining table. This is something that comes up quite regularly. If it isn;t ring marks, then it is water marks or white heat marks. The task of removing all of them is the same.

Heritage Woodcare cleans and polishes your wood, taking off most of the buildup of silicones, waxes, greae and grime and will also take off nost white heat marks, ring marks and water marks..It was specially created to look after your wood furniture properly, quickly and easily, replicating the skill and hard work of the old grandmasters who would take time and much effort when looking after fine wood furniture.

Using it is very easy. Simply shake your bottle thoroughly, pour some of the polish into a container, soak a clean cloth (such as a duster) in the polish, squeeze and wring it out till it is damp dry, return the surplus polish to your container and you are now ready. All you need do now is wipe and there is no need to buff up! Regular use of Heritage Woodcare will help to keep your furniture / wood floors / etc clean and being oil-based will also look after them.